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I have lived in North Devon for over 30 years and after bringing up my four children plus teaching at a local secondary school, I then moved into my artistic phase when I started designing and working with the versatile medium of glass.  I have combined my scientific background and expertise whilst in my studio surrounded by the beautiful landscapes and coastlines of the area to be inspired to experiment with colour, texture and various thicknesses of glass using heat.

My fused artwork uses flat Bullseye sheet glass as a starting point which is cut and layered before heating to high temperatures overnight in my digital kiln in order to allow the glass to fuse into one layer. I may then put the work in the kiln a second time to change its shape.  I enjoy making panels showing coastal scenery which of could include boats, fish, beach huts and the wider beach area.  A lot of my work often contains the special dichroic glass which has tiny particles of metals incorporated giving this glass a special sheen with variations of colour in the final product. This type of glass is perfect for jewellery making.

The focal beads that I make use Italian glass rods which are wound around a steel mandrel in a hot flame, decorated with silver, dots of coloured glass and then placed in the kiln to anneal.

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