Simon Groves
(unable to exhibit)

Fine Art

Simon has spent most of his life in North Devon; navy child who was born near Liverpool but settled here after living in Scotland and in the North of England, at age 7.

Oil painting is his main love but he has also practised digital art to a high degree of expertise and likes working in chalk and charcoal at times.

A keen rhythm guitarist, he produced an album of his own songs as a hobby between 2010 and 2020 called ‘Grovesy – Bells and Whistles’ which can be found on YouTube.

His main influence in painting is impressionism and he is particularly inspired by the work of Monet, Pissaro and Cezzane. Recently he started to produce more abstract works, favouring geometric designs with subtle and dynamic colour palettes.

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4 The Old Parish Hall
Church Road
EX34 8BZ

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Phone: 07704 459142

DropBox: Simon Groves РArt