Sheila Shepherd


Having never been good at art at school, never having been to art college, I have never considered myself as an artist, although I have been told many times that I have a good eye? I wonder what a good eye means.

A good eye for décor and colour co-ordination maybe? I might agree with a little, not sure if that makes me an artist, but I do hope that my photographs are arty.

However, I love trees and being amongst them, looking at them and touching them. Taking photos of them on walks and holidays is truly a way of making memories.

My work as a Reflexologist leads to a holistic approach to living and being outside, amongst nature and breathing in fresh air is an important part of it.

Having collected hundreds of tree images over many years, I had decided during lockdown that I would sort them and exhibit them to celebrate a big birthday of mine, but then there was another lockdown!

This is now my opportunity to have that very exhibition.

Venue 14


Poor   (4-5 steps to front door, but has railing)


At public car park (Wilder Road)


22 Horne Road
EX34 8HD

Selected works

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Phone:      07876 524 754