Sam Cousins

Painting, drawing, ceramics

Sam was born to a pair of Performance Artists working in the tradition of the Theatre Of The Absurd, specialising in Method Acting, Mime and Improvisation. He grew up within the Group Collective Group Theatre Group, where his parents lived in character for weeks or months at a time or created fantastical improvised scenarios in front of him for hours. His early years were punctuated by dislocated circular dialogue, pregnant pauses full of metaphysical intent, emotions expressed with wild movements, puns, clichés and non-sequiturs. Some of their experimental methods were eccentric; use of personal pronouns were discouraged as an expression of ego, so members could only refer to themselves in the third person. To Sam, all this was normal family life.

However, success and recognition eluded them. To quote Philomena Cunk1:

“The Group Collective Group Theatre Group was so obscure that they left almost no trace. No posters, flyers or promo material remains; no tour itineraries, personal records or memorabilia. It’s as if they didn’t exist.”

His early adult years were rebellious, rejecting his upbringing. However, decades of worldly experience have confirmed just how well his childhood prepared him for adult life.

1 Source: ‘Things I Did Before I Were Famous’, Philomena Cunk 2016. Chapter 1, Group Collective Group Theatre Group- Who, What, Where, When, How, Why, Wherefore, Whither and finally Wither” Page934.

Sam also writes short works of fiction (in the third person) and enjoys reminiscences while he is still able to find them.

In the real world of Art Trail my work can be seen at The Landmark Theatre, showing large paintings, drawings and sculpture – Venue 17.

Venue 17




At public car park (Landmark Theatre)


The Landmark Theatre
The Promenade
EX34 9BZ

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Phone:        07881 971 737