Sam Cousins

Venue 1 – Ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing & prints
Venue 4 – Cyanotype, painting & drawing

After moving to America, Sam became stellar in Neurosurgery. The Nobel Foundation followed his research closely, contemplating an award; but in1991 his life changed instantly and in a way he could not have anticipated. At a conference in Washington D.C., a chance meeting took him to The National Gallery of Art, where Robert Rauschenberg’s Retrospective was showing. Within moments he was literally struck dumb, so profoundly affected was he; (an experience he was later able to describe as ‘Profound’). From this point he spoke no more, until over a year later when laying in the familiar surroundings of his operating theatre and conscious throughout, he directed his own corrective neurosurgery by writing instructions in reverse script and holding them up to a mirror for a colleague to read.

With fluency restored, he swapped a dispassionate life of gowned sterility and sub-Angstrom precision, to one of mud, paint, immovable grime under the fingernails and the heady toxicity of turpentine. He knew what it was doing to his brain but at least he could tell himself out loud that he didn’t care.

Sam also writes short works of fiction in the third person and spends his time staring into the corners of rooms.

In the real world of Art Trail my work can be seen at Venue 1, large drawings/paintings/cyanotypes. Venue 4, ceramics/digital prints/drawings

Venue 1 & 4




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Venue 1
The Hill
Granville Road
EX34 8AS


Venue 4
Park Lodge
Torrs Park

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