Sam Cousins

Mixed media & Painting

Lights, a sense of vertigo, an exhausting feeling of pressure. nausea and falling. Sam cannot tell you his age or origin with any accuracy, he does not know where or when he was born. He does not even know if Sam is his real name. His memory goes back only to sunrise on a hot beach, waking with sand and the taste of the sea in his mouth and no recollection of past or identity. A not-so-chance meeting, a faceless man who seemed to know too much; a plane ticket and a passport in which he vaguely recognised his own reflection, a locked suitcase carried across borders. In reward, his freedom and enough money to disappear and restart, to reconstruct an identity.

Moving away from everything, he walked on until he found an edge, the end of the world, the sea, another beach. Ilfracombe lay before him and here he stayed painting images pulled from his subconscious in an attempt to find and reconstruct his lost life, scene by scene.

Sam also writes short works of fiction in the third person and sometimes makes things when all excuses to do otherwise have run out.

In the real world of Art Trail 2020 my work can be seen at Venue 4, a restored Victorian Villa worth a visit for the house itself. My large drawings/paintings/cyanotypes, sculptures and prints are there incidentally.

Venue 4




On street close by


Park Lodge
Torrs Park

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Phone:  07881 971737