Robert Andrew

Paintings & sculpture (kinetic)

Somewhere in the Pacific ocean there`s a tiny creature called the `Japanese puffer fish`  which amazingly, creates beautiful abstract sand sculptures on the seabed, just by using it`s fins to waft intricate furrows into the sand. This little fish is an inspiration, because of the perfect  harmony it has with it`s environment and the materials it utilises.

I do my utmost to tread as lightly as I can on this beautiful planet. I like to use recycled materials in all of my kinetic sculptures, where ever possible. Found objects can act as catalysts for new ideas that send me off in completely different directions. This year I’ll be adding new exciting pieces to the growing  collection of paintings and kinetic Sculptures.

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24 Crofts Lea Park
EX34 9PN

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Phone:  07841 231722