Rachel Sumner

Assemblages & textiles

Fine Art trained, Rachel has been living and working as an artist in the West Country for the last 19 years. For most of the 1990s she lived in rural France.

Over the years Rachel has transitioned from her degree in fine art Painting, via a business making bespoke textiles, to her present artistic interests of making textile art works and mixed media assemblages.

The textile pictures are created by cutting and shaping vintage and dyed fabrics, drawn over and detailed with stitch. She loves the idea of making art works from recycled materials.

The Assemblages are inspired by the driftwood and found materials that Rachel gathers. Any interesting find sits around the studio or shed until the bird, animal or boat within suggests itself. Once made they are painted using traditional chalk paints made in Devon. Weather permitting they are created outdoors in a shed full of finds gathered mostly from the beaches of North Devon.

In both cases as she works a narrative builds guiding the making of each piece. The work is celebratory, often capturing a moment and always relating to the natural world.

There have been many successful exhibitions of her art textiles and assemblages countrywide. Rachel has recently had a book published entitled Stitched Textiles: Birds.

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Email:  rachelsumnereon@gmail.com

Phone:  01237 425912

Website:  www.rachelsumner.org