Rach Wellbeing (Rachael Smith)

Multi media (sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, painting)

In a practice that is essentially autobiographical, my work explores my experiences of being a former circus performer and climbing instructor and now with ‘invisible disabilities’.

My use of materials reflects how even the most perfect specimen when under scrutiny can expose the fragility, flaws, and strengths of being human. 

The complexity of life and unpredictability of experience is reflected using raw clay or Parian unglazed fractured pieces, allowing the clay to transform and move during firing, a parallel to a body’s physical and emotional journey.

With compositions that emphasize fragility, balance, change movement and flow, my work invites an audience to find corporeal connection, encouraging a collective, communal response, reminding us that we are not alone. 

I choose to use my experiences to deepen and enhance my creative practice, fuel my passion and advocacy for disabled arts and the environment as well as share my belief that art can enhance wellbeing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

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Website:     rachwellbeing.co.uk

Email:        rachwellbeing@icloud.com

Phone:       07825 772 340