Peter Insley

Pens, paper, ink, paint & pencil

Hello there, my name is Peter and I live by the sea. I work full time in a non-creative industry but do find some moments to scribble and create. I like drawing with pens and sometimes pencils on bits of paper and card that I find and reclaim. Occasionally I will use acrylic paint on re-cycled board. Also, I have discovered I can achieve some interesting and enjoyable results just by using a photocopier from time to time in my creative pursuits. My inspirations include outsider artists and folk art and pictures found in old books made for children. I am also interested in typography, letter art, poster art and graphic design. I also listen to old records and cassette tapes and I read books and magazines. Sometimes I will go for a walk in the countryside and smoke my pipe.

I have been encouraged to participate in the Art Trail this year by friends and family who have enjoyed the cards and pictures I have produced for birthdays and the festive season and other special occasions throughout the year. I like to think I can bring a little joy and happiness to folks around me with the things I produce. It’s a nice feeling. I like to see someone smile when they look at what I have done for them. I hope you folks will take pleasure in what I have to show you. I look forward to making new friends and acquaintances.

Venue 7




Public Car Park / On street close by


The Trinity Rooms
Church Road
EX34 8EE

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Phone:  07480 375019

Instagram:  peteyjdot