Natalie Dickinson

Sculpture, collage & photography

I am an Australian artist recently moved to Ilfracombe from Sydney.

Connection between people and the environment is my passion. Art is the medium through which I try to achieve this.

Every day I explore the land and waterways of where I am living. I spend hours walking, taking photographs, writing, collecting objects and creating art-work ‘in-situ’ for others to enjoy. By doing this I develop a relationship with the landscape and everything in it, including the people.

 I believe it is our natural state to have a close relationship with the environment and that reforming lost connections with it is incredibly beneficial to both ourselves and the planet. I would like to think my art inspires people to connect to the earth by experiencing the love, wonder and respect that I feel for nature. I do not believe we can make people care about the planet by scaring them or making them fell guilty or frightnened. I just want the two entities to fall back in love!

I take photos of the local area that have a dream-like state I hope reflects how it feels to be thoroughly immersed in the beauty of a place. I also photograph art pieces I make whilst travelling through the environment.

I weave baskets from local plants and shells, create sculptures from many different mediums, paint with oils, acrylics and gouache on various materials.  I also upcycle charity-store clothing, shoes, handbags and jewellery using paint and sewing techniques. As I also write poetry, I make a local monthly mini-Zine which is free.

Because I care for the environment, it gives me enormous pleasure to use local objects and resources to make my work. Where I use foraged materials, I source them over many miles and use only what is in season and in abundance. Collecting and disposing of rubbish as I go is also important to me. I work with the weather, the tides and the seasons so my artwork throughout the year reflects this too. In this way I may give my full-attention to showing off whatever is particularly beautiful at any given moment. I hope by pacing myself with nature this helps to jog people’s senses to what is around them moment by moment.

In the not-to-distant future I hope to open a gallery with an environmental theme to showcase this beautiful part of the planet we are lucky enough to live in. The gallery will support local environmental projects and charities and showcase the work of environmentally-minded artists.

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