Megan Dunleavy


Art graduate Megan Dunleavy is a realist painter who lives and works in Bristol. Working mainly in large scale, she aims to achieve impact, through space, colour and texture. Megan finds inspiration in capturing moments in time while attempting to evoke emotion and feeling – both being figurative and landscape.

Working on board,  Megan creates a combination of intense intricacy, fineness and detail with aspects that are much looser, more abstract and fluid. To furthermore create depth, and diversity, she incorporates  pieces of foil to enhance colour, tactility and composition.

Megan also offers a portfolio of collaged works that comprise of a series of unique and dynamic paintings. Working from a collection of images, she designs and develops a working layout – individual to each specification. These paintings act as a memory box, where significant, cherished objects and figures are placed together to help celebrate a special day or period of time.

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