Mark Woollacott


Coastal artist

Art is something that can touch people deeply on an inner level. As long as we need uplifting and feel the need to be inspired, moved or entertained, art will always appeal to our minds, our hearts and to our aesthetic needs.    


Mark is a North Devon-based artist, known for his maritime scenes and stunning coastal artwork. He has been painting and drawing for over three decades and has become a well-respected member of the local art community.

His passion for the natural world shines through his art, often featuring the picturesque landscapes and coastline of North Devon.

Mark’s detailed paintings are a testament to his talent, capturing the beauty and essence of his subjects. His paintings are full of intricate details. He works primarily in oils, which allow him to build up layers and create a rich depth of colour.

What truly sets Mark’s work apart is his mastery of light, whether it’s the sparkling, dancing light on the ocean or the bright sunlight bouncing off a rolling hillside. He skilfully captures the subtle nuances of light and shade, infusing his paintings with a captivating atmosphere and mood, creating a sense of place that draws the viewer in.

Throughout his career, Mark has exhibited in UK galleries and has gained recognition in well-known international sailing magazines such as Classic Boat and Yachting Monthly. His work is highly sought after and is held in private collections worldwide.


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18 St James Place
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