Maggs Ashton

Underwater photography

As I drop below the thoughts of life above the surface fade into oblivion, being replaced with the wonders that await.

No two journeys are ever the same, my images being just a glimpse of the world that unfolds. After many years of enjoying our seas, I still get the same excitement and anticipation at the start of every dive.

The adventure started in 1996, I had always loved the sea and became fascinated by the life below the surface. Once I got my first underwater camera back in 2005 underwater photography became my passion.

A dive can be recorded and relived though the sequence of images.

Flooded housings aside, I have been fortunate enough to create a collection of images some of which are on display. I never tire of this underwater world and am ever mindful of how lucky and privileged I am to have been allowed to experience it.

The aim of my collection is to share a small part of that with you, and hopefully these images give you a completely different view of our beautiful part of the world.

All images on display have been taken off the North Devon coast including Lundy Island.


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