Jo Payne


Elemental paintings, created in my home studio, working in acrylics, sometimes in oils or inks, and often incorporating gold leaf.

What I’m fascinated by is really very simple; the moods of the coastal landscape and the rhythm of the sea and sky.

The sea, the clouds above, all weathers, horizons, tides, colour, light; the constant change in the elements is what I find so inspirational and exciting. Here on the North Devon Coast, with a vast sky visible, the ever-changing weather presents me with everything from sublime sunsets to gathering storms, all of which are reflected in the sea.

Since moving to Ilfracombe nearly eight years ago, I have been utterly captivated by the coastal landscape of North Devon and the huge skies above, and it is the essence of this and my response to it that I express in my paintings. It is a privilege to have my very own permanent but constantly changing live seascape, complete with sea, sky and horizons, sharp, blurred and everything in between, outside my front door.

My work is held in private collections all over the UK, and in the USA, Australia, Canada and South Korea.

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