James Young

Drawing, painting & digital media

Inspired by the sea and shorelines of North Devon, all of James’ pictures begin as detailed pencil drawings. These drawings are then transferred onto a variety of papers and worked on using a range of materials.  All completed workings are then layered together to create a final print. This process allows James to consider each aspect of a composition individually, be it colour and shade, or mid-tones and highlights, and to fully explore the interplay of light in his pictures.

A graduate of Cardiff School of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in Art and Aesthetics, James is now working and exhibiting in Devon.

‘It has always been my intent to use traditional and digital media in such a way that both become integral to my work. We are increasingly saturated by digital media to an extent that many expect art to be merely created by an algorithm or ‘filter’. In beginning my work in pencil and paint, and using digital as a tool, I hope to show how art is still very much a human activity. I believe it is what defines us.’

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Ilfracombe Chocolate Emporium
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Additional information

Email:  jamesyoungartist@gmail.com

Phone:  07813 562185

Website:  jamesyoungart.uk