Georgina Dellar

Painting / Pencil

Scattered throughout her family home, a habit that perplexed her house-proud mother and evaluated the limits of patience.

During primary school years, George exhibited an extraordinary skill, claiming the top spot in national art competitions supported by her school. However, her artistic endeavours were not confined to paper, as evidenced by a daring escapade. To her mother’s astonishment, George, armed with black paint, transformed her newly decorated bedroom into a canvas of a large horse mural. Despite the impressive result, this creation failed to earn her any accolades.

secondary school posed academic challenges for George, who fought with focus and concentration- ADHD. Fortunately, her teachers recognised her unwavering engagement in the realm of art. Recognising her unique talent, they entrusted her with projects beyond the standard curriculum, allowing her to delve deeper into her art.

A pivotal moment came when George decided to temporarily step back from art and focus on raising her children. Her career took a turn as she successfully attained an advanced clinical diploma as a Physio practitioner.

George has, after a decade-long hiatus, picked up her pencil again. George’s journey from the walls of her childhood home to the canvas of her adulthood is a testament to the enduring power of her artistic prowess.

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