Bob Iles

Charcoal drawings & sculptures

Bob Iles has been a working artist for many years but has only just started to share his work. Now living in Martock in Somerset he has fixed up a workshop and has started creating in earnest.

Working in many media such as wood metal and charcoal drawings. Inspired by everything around him he has found beauty in the smallest of places. Most of his work reflects his love of nature, trees and plants in particular, with understated results showing an understanding of form and composition.

‘I just don’t know what I’ll do next, so many ideas and not enough time, Tea anyone?’

Venue 14


Poor   (4-5 steps to front door, but has railing)


At public car park (Wilder Road)


22 Horne Road
EX34 8HD

Selected works

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Phone:      07926 210 678