Ben Clennell


This is Ben’s second year participating in the Ilfracombe art trail, this year at the new location of his parents home who have recently become full time residents of Ilfracombe.
Ben moved to Ilfracombe from Essex 9 years ago and jointly owns and runs the towns landmark Round House Ilfracombe with Alan and Nigel.
Moving to Ilfracombe has allowed Ben more time to enjoy, explore, learn and practice his artwork.  Experimenting in different styles and mediums – a passion which had been overshadowed since leaving school and working for an investment bank in London with insufficient time to apply the focus required for his art.

Working predominately in Oil paints Ben takes inspiration from many different physical and photographic concepts that cause him an instantaneous impact and commands the need to capture in a painting.
Ben’s early enthusiasm stemmed from watching family members paint and draw and only intensified when first introduced to works by artists such as Dali, Hockney, Rembrandt and Basquiat – to name but a few. In more recent years a huge inspiration for Ben has been the abundance of local artistic talent and local galleries showcasing so many amazing works.

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