Tushka Illustrates

Prints and screen prints

I draw and screenprint under the name of Tushka, to keep my more hands-on stuff separate from my digital graphic design work. My pictures tend to be pencil or ink drawings meticulously created on layers of tracing paper. These drawings are then scanned and the layers of artwork put together for the final prints. 

Having recently fallen in love with the processes of screen printing, I am really enjoying removing the digital element and creating more hands-on in my studio and using more colour. I'm going to start dabbling in fabric printing too soon.
I love being out and about so my pictures vary with where I am and what's going on around me, whether that be on holiday in Vancouver or Havana, or the surroundings of my new home in Devon, but as I really enjoy being outside, the natural world plays a strong part in what I find myself drawing.

12 Champernowne Crescent, Ilfracombe EX34 9PL