Sam Cousins

Ceramics, paintings, drawings

Sam ran away from home aged thirteen and wandered the cities and countries of Europe and Asia until being taken in by a nomadic goat-herding tribe in Tuva. With his adopted family, he became an expert horseman and master of the art of Mongolian overtone throat singing, essential skills which later helped in his key role in preventing a military coup in a post-Soviet state in the Caucasus, which must remain nameless for his own security.

On his return to the UK, Sam found that he had been cheated out of his rightful inheritance by an ugly sister and took up a career in window cleaning. It was here that Sam found his inspiration and love of Art in the framed views he looked through, inside and out, while leathering off. You may be familiar with some of Sam’s work on walls in the darker corners of cities throughout the UK.

Sam also writes short works of fiction in the third person and spends his time trying to create chaos out of order.

In reality, I will be showing sculptural ceramics, life drawings and large works on paper during Art Trail.

The Hill, Granville Road, Ilfracombe EX34 8AS
07881 971 737