Robert Burden


I’ve lived in Ilfracombe for  over a year now, after moving from Leicester. I continue to try and  practice my Painting and Art whenever I can. The space and release it gives me is a great comfort from the daily mixture of emotions and feelings I experience. I also really feel a connection is made when I paint a portrait, almost like I tap into their spirit, so it’s really good for me to do.

My other source of inspiration is my night paintings. As I work full time as a bus driver,  I’m often on the roads late at night. The various buildings and lights I see are a comfort to my loneliness. I try and paint to capture some of the presence I feel when looking at different scenes at night, as places change when daylight fades.

I grew up in Exeter and after completing my degree in Birmingham, moved to London where I worked on the buses for 7 years. I moved to Leicester in 2012 where I continued to paint. I moved back to Devon in 2016.

I enjoy doing painting and drawing commissions, contact me if you’re interested.


Ambleside, 1 Wilder Road, Ilfracombe EX34 8BL