Neil Clifton


Early influences include my older sister who could draw with such detail Sharp and clean lifelike pictures normally of fantasy worlds and their inhabitants.
Most of our family are 'arty' in some way or another, so drawing was always a passion.

I work mostly in construction, general carpentry and property maintenance. The use of hand tools and most power tools are therefore second hand nature. My angle grinder was the first tool I used to create faces in solid bricks. 'Tiki' and Easter Island are now in lots of friends gardens, hanging on their fences. It wasn't long before I picked up wood chisels and had a go at carving a 'Tiki'. This was carved out of a section of telegraph pole that a friend and I carried off the beach. Hours of work go into each carving, it's slow and gradual and mistakes are not easy to put right.

My work is improving so I look forward to new projects and surprising myself with the finished product.


Halls Green, Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe EX34 8JL
07794 093 511
01271 863 787