Louise Godber

Watercolour, Mixed media, Reclaimed material sculptures

This is my third year of Ilfracombe Art Trail.

Previous years I created mirror conceptual pieces exploring the self and a series of observational photographs that had a surreal and comedic quality. This year I am creating some sculptures using plastic from the sea - hoping to capture the fragility of our planet.
I will also be showing my new sea and landscapes paintings.

Nature inspires me and the organic process that happens within painting.
I used a techniques to add texture, scoring into the paper, putting down washes, laying cling film and hair on top, then when dried, peeled back, pick out and painted up chosen areas.
No two painting are ever the same.

I find the painting process fascinating, how one piece of work will come together easily and another can be so challenging. To work through the choices, deciding when to stop and when to be brave, to push on through.

That balance of wanting it to work vs taking truly creative risks.

Presently I run my private counselling service Combe Therapies in North Devon. I offer one to one therapy, group work, workshops in art expression , play and movement

The Coach House, 14a Hillsborough Terrace, Ilfracombe EX34 9NR