Liz Howard

Textiles, rag rugging, pin weaving

Having followed arts and crafts for many years, working with fabric is one of my favourite mediums.  The versatility of endless colourful materials and yarns available today inspire exciting and creative ideas - rag rugging and pin weaving being two such examples!

Rag rugging (the clue is in the title) has become very much an art form and a way of recycling old unwanted clothes, t shirts, linen etc (the list is endless).  Throughout the years, colours and textures have increased so unique, and individual creations can be guaranteed.

Pin weaving (weaving without a loom), although a different technique, again involves the combining of fabrics and  textural effects, the results of which are truly exciting and can lead to so many creative ideas. Pin weaving( without a loom) is a smaller, simpler way of weaving but with the same results as the larger, fiddlier loom weaving which, apart from anything else, demands more setting up as well as space!

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