Lily Bea Wells

Portrait painting

As a child I would constantly be sketching and drawing. I think this passion of mine stemmed from my dad who was a local artist in Devon. Although my style is different from his, my love of portraiture and his of animals, I believe that people are right when they say I have inherited some of his talent and desire to create. I would get art supplies and 'How to Draw' books for Christmas instead of toys because I asked for that instead. I always knew that was where my ambitions were with school and work.

My style of art as I have mentioned is portraiture. This can range from young to old and all ethnic races. My passion is famous faces that people will look at and recognise, but also life drawing and sketching people around me.

For now I will take every opportunity I get and look for a way to show my art to people and improve my ever growig skill and passion for what I do.

Lily bea Wells - 18 years old

Halls Green, Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe EX34 8JL