Karen French

Lino cut prints, fabric designs, textiles

Australian born and bred, I moved abroad as a young geology graduate travelling and working in places as diverse as North Sea oil rigs to remote rainforests of West Africa. After meeting my rig engineer husband I settled in his home town Ilfracombe where I have been enjoying life, together with our 3 children, for the past 18 years.

Living on the beautiful North Devon coast I gain much of my inspiration from the dramatic cliffs and stormy seas and, with my background in geology, I am drawn to the landscape’s rugged texture. My own work has been influenced by the many forms of art I’ve seen on my travels from urban murals to tribal bark paintings. Being self-taught I am constantly discovering new techniques and I may not always follow the more traditional methods!

Lino-cut and other printing processes have provided me with different ways of creating texture leading me to experiment with fabric design. Using elements of my prints I am now producing a range of cushions and homewares.

Uzella, Highfield Road, Ilfracombe EX34 9PB