Jo Payne

Venue 33



Waking to a different vision each morning of sky, sea and weather is an utter joy, and the constant changes in colour and light never cease to fascinate and delight me. I am compelled to paint sea, skies and horizons. 

My paintings tend to develop in one of two ways - the first being the semi-abstract seascapes, which express the emotional impact of continuous exposure to the beauty and power of the ever-changing sea - the second involves the challenge of capturing aspects of the beaches I love, the skies, reflections, water on the sand and the dramatic weather.

My work is being exhibited at The Snackin' Kracken Cafe, Hele,  Laston House & Portland Art

 address: The Snackin' Kracken, Beach Road, Hele, Ilfracombe EX34 9QZ
tel: 07951 139206