James Wood

Ink illustrator, poet

My exhibition, based at Ilfracombe Museum, goes under the title: "Dream Star", and comprises ink illustrative work done over the past two years along with copies of my latest illustrated anthology called, appropriately enough,  "Dream Star".
Each illustration accompanies a poem that I have written, though it is often the case of which comes first: "the chicken or the egg?" Sometimes the poem inspires the illustration or vice versa, the illustration inspires the poem!
The work for this exhibition ranges through Space Opera, Steam Punk, Fantasy and Earth Magic. 
To date I have produced 3 illustrated anthologies and I have enjoyed art exhibitions locally, in the Midlands and Brittany.
I play the 'fiddle' and mandolin and a great deal of my Fantasy and Earth Magic work is based around English Folk and Celtic music, songs, stories and legends.
My two science fiction heros are H.G.Wells and Jules Verne and it is from their literature that I have explored the genre of Steam Punk and Space Opera.
I enjoy playing music, writing poetry and drawing illustrations and am fascinated with the way the three muses  weave their spells within my imagination.

Ilfracombe Museum, Wilder Road, Ilfracombe EX34 8AF