Helen Tranckle


My work explores landscape as place and experience.  'I don’t consider myself to be a landscape artist but through abstraction I try to relate the experience of place; lived in architecture and structures and the un-lived wider spaces of the physical landscape.  The study of place is evocative, revealing the fragility of being - I view this as an investigation into how we ‘fit’ - what has gone before, the evidence of life and how we crave to belong.'  The work is often framed within a context that brings home our own intimate connection with the outside space.

As an artist printmaker I have exhibited and sold work in the UK and overseas. After becoming a resident artist at The 360° Trust in North Devon in 2010 I began to run printmaking courses which I continue to do at my own studio ‘folio’ in Ilfracombe.

Folio, 5 High Street, Ilfracombe EX34 9DF